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Reading: (1)Horseman+(5)Tree+(33)Key+(15)Bear+(7)Snake+(2)Clover+(26)Book

February 1, 2008


I asked about an investment that we made, via someone who we considered “in the know” and a friend. It did well and made great profit for a time, and then everything went quiet. It took months to find out that the fund had major losses, and the person in charge of it had just about wiped his hands of it, without telling any of the investors! So I asked the general question, what will become of this investment? will we get anything back?or what?  haha

The key card I used is the (15)Bear as it has to do with all things financial, and investments. I’m not totally sure what it says, so I hope people will weigh in. This is what I’ve got so far: the Horseman says that in a short time frame, we will have news.The Tree talks about the health of the investment and the Key brings answers, solutions and success; an unexpected resolution to a difficult situation. So I take this to mean that very shortly we will have word that something is happenning that gives us an unexpected resolution.

The Key and Snake hint at karmic lessons, (we feel there’s been a past life connection with the person involved). The Snake usually tells of trouble, and with it being right next to the Bear, it shows that the investment has been in trouble;but with the combination of Snake + Clover, we again have the message of solution to a problem! Clover + Book says that there will be discoveries, and investigation. (There is actually an investigation going on to see if there were any improprieties in how this fund was handled)-

So all in all, it looks as though there is going to be an unexpected, but wished for resolution to this debacle.

Any other input would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. February 2, 2008 6:22 pm

    Kia ora ano Spiritsong,

    Yes I would say that the Horseman+tree+key, would refer to a man that you depended on to make or revitalise your investment fund, as the key gives the answer to the financial situation, so it was in his hands.

    Yes I agree with the mishandling of the fund, but a way to make some solution to it, is still going on. A way is still not known, or that there is always an unknown risk in investments. I can’t really say if this is saying that a satisfactory solution will be found however, can they find a way at repairing a sinking ship? It only suggests to me, that they are working on it, and through their investigations they will declare what indescretions have occurred.

    A good lesson!


  2. spiritsong permalink*
    February 2, 2008 6:33 pm

    Thank you both for your input!
    We have gotten news today, that they are trying to recoup the losses, and may have some good news soon.
    These cards absolutely astonish me! that’s all I can say!
    I never dreamt that I could get sooo much information from them- after years of tarot, and vagueness at times, I am so grateful to have found Sylvie and both of you! lol

    Can you imagine what we’ll be like with these cards a year from now?! LOL watch out!


  3. phoenixoracle permalink
    February 2, 2008 6:53 pm


    Yes the cards are astonishing, and I so look forward to seeing where we will all be at, in a years time! Hope there is good news for you. Maybe my daily reading drawn today could be referring to your success!


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