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Daily Draw: (2)Clover + (26)Book + (31)Sun

February 3, 2008


Once again, a nice draw. The (2)Clover brings luck, hope & positive outcomes. It shows unforseen events with fortunate vibrations. The (26)Book represents the unknown, something hidden. Combining the two there is the possibility of discoveries, revelations. It makes me think that today, or shortly after, some surprising information will come my way…and with the (31)Sun it will bring success, joy and victory!

I look forward to this interesting news…

update: some information came to light on the investment issue, that was totally a revelation/discovery; and if that information comes to pass, it really will be a sunny conclusion/victory. fascinating 🙂
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  1. February 3, 2008 4:30 pm

    Ooh…yes, there was a card missing on that investment reading at the end, as it was still under investigation, but it nice to see the Sun here now, some bright spark will find a solution!


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