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Reading: (5)Tree+(29)Woman+(22)Crossroads+(10)Scythe+(24)Heart

February 11, 2008


This is a reading that I did last night, and thought I’d share it. I asked the question: “What is coming in the near future that will affect me the most?” (watch what you ask!) As I was asking the question, my key card was the (29)Woman. After shuffling, these were the first cards down; usually with the “no lay out” system of Sylvie Steinbach’s (which is discussed in her book, “The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle“, you would usually have 2 or 3 cards on either side of the key card to read with, but the woman came 2nd. I decided to continue on and add the 3 cards after the key card.

I don’t think this is necessarily going to happen to me personally, but it will affect me greatly. The (5)Tree says to me that this reading is talking about the health of someone. On the other side of the Woman is the Crossroads; when you combine the Tree and Crossroads, there is a warning to me that there are spiritual lessons or tests coming forward for me. (I feel I have had alot of those lately!) Some other keywords that hit me were these: Crossroads talk about multiple options, choices, and Scythe tells me that a quick decision has to be made. Crossroads and Scythe combined can mean decisions, but it also can mean accidents.

 The Scythe brings shockwaves, and irreversible decisions… the Scythe combined with the Heart hints at heart surgery, or heart attack, or if I’m simplistic, posssibly “end of heart”. I don’t know if Sylvie would say that that might mean possible death, but it feels like it could be to me.

What struck me with this spread is that I got the feeling that someone I know is either going to be in an accident, that affects the person’s heart, or end’s their life; and this tragedy is going to have a major impact on me, and test my spiritual beliefs… or there is a health issue with someone I know who will have to have quick decisions made, like having heart surgery.

The fact that the tree is there, as the first card, just says to me that this is more than likely a health matter, and that’s how I lean with this. But there is another way I could look at this spread, but I just can’t place it: Spiritual tests, faced with a major decision, a decision that is once made, can’t be taken back, and will affect the “heart”. Scythe + Heart can also refer to a breakup, or a hurtful relationship. My own marriage is in a really good place, so I can’t relate to this; I can only think that it could be talking about someone I care about, and that it will have a strong impact on me.Any ideas? Just thought I’d put one out here that I wasn’t totally sure about-   SpiritSong~

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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    February 11, 2008 11:57 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    Yes if the tree wasn’t sitting on the other side I wouldn’t of thought that it was a health matter, but if does, so as far as health matters is concerned The cross road with the tree I would read as it being of the “arteries” maybe a double by-pass, connected with the heart…some tests taken (tree+crossroad).

    If we look at it as spiritual lessons, then decisions to do with affairs of the heart. Some how the heart may win out, a decision on whether to listen to Heart or head.


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