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Daily Draw: (31)Sun + (35)Anchor + (29)Woman

February 12, 2008


The cards seem to want to tell me that “All is Well”. The (31)Sun card denotes, happiness, success. It reassures that you have the power and endurance to overcome any adversity…it’s the victory you’ve been waiting for. The (35)Anchor relates to stable conditions, long term goals; encouraging you to stay on course, that you will reach your goals. The combination of the Sun and the Anchor, hints at legacies and long term success! Two things come to mind with this draw: either there is a possibility of an inheritance/legacy coming to this woman; or that there is successful, long term running of something?-

Sometimes, I need to remember just to read the cards like a simple sentence. This could be saying that there is Victory/Success relating to a long term issue, involving a woman.  There is a long standing legal battle going on in my family, with a woman who owes a substantial amount of money to us. I have a feeling that this is what these cards are referring to.

I find it helpful to play with all the different possibilities, and write them down, then it usually coalesces for me, and to remember that the Woman is more than likely talking about someone else, not me.

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