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Daily Draw: (24)Heart + (26)Book + (20)Garden

February 20, 2008

Now this is an interesting draw. This has been hinted at in my Tarot and in playing card readings as well. It does not pertain to me, but I’m going to hear about it! The (24)Heart is all about the subject of romance & lovers. The (26)Book says that something is hidden, and that it will probably be discovered. There is the element of surprise with the Book present. The combination of the Heart and Book is talking about a secret affair, hidden crush. If you were to combine the Book and Garden, it would be referring to poetry, workshops/classes, writing. So one interpretation could be that a novel or poetry about a secret romance; or a romance writer’s workshop will somehow figure in the next few days in my life. But somehow I doubt this is what the cards are telling me! I was immediately drawn to the Book in the middle…to me, it was the key card. So in this case, it would be appropiate to read a combination of the cards surrounding the key card to see what is about to be revealed, what the surprise is all about! When you combine the (24)Heart with the (26)Garden there is a hint of multiple partners or an open relationship. What I think these 3 cards are trying to tell me, is that I’m going to find out that someone has been having a secret affair, and that it’s going to get out to the whole network of people who knows this person!

My other readings have been showing that a dear female friend, has been through an emotional time, as she is normally a very upstanding individual, but has recently been tempted and unfaithful. I had suspicions that this might be the case for the last year, and it looks like that the news is going to come out. It will not end well, knowing the people involved.

Another thought: Aristede came up with another good slant on this draw that got me to thinking (see our comments): I dreamt all night about an idea that I have for doing a web-based business about something related to metaphysics/tarot…I woke up all excited at the possibilities for creativity and money making possibilities with this idea! That would certainly fit for heart/book/garden! Thank you Aristede for helping me get the right puzzle piece to understand this 🙂
The one thing we are all learning, is that there are sometimes multiple layers/meanings to a draw or reading. This is definitely true with this one.
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  1. phoenix rising permalink
    February 20, 2008 2:39 pm

    Hi Spiritsong

    I see this one as being passionate about a workshop. And it may refer to us doing more case studies with Sylvie. I did a bit of a cheat and did a sneak at “what the book was referring to in this spread
    cross+sun+book+garden+star. The garden+star is definitely workshops, and the cross+sun is relief or resolution.

    So when I’m not sure about a spread that’s what I do.
    Although, the secret affair can still apply. The Garden made me think that it was something more pleasant, and not the uproar that people would have if they found out.


  2. phoenixoracle permalink
    February 20, 2008 3:13 pm

    The other thought that came is that the heart maybe referring to the sexuality case study as that is a bit of a toughie, so you might still be trying to tackle that one.


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