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Daily Draw: (30)Lily + (2)Clover + (12)Birds

February 22, 2008


The (30)Lily can mean a feeling of peace, contentment and satisfaction. The (2)Clover is ‘lucky’, fortunate circumstances, twist of fate… and the (12)Birds is all about verbal communications, phone calls, meetings. So I could put this together to mean that I will feel satisfaction and contentment from a very fortunate meeting or conversation that I have today. There is a hint of a propserous partnership with the Clover+Birds combination as well.

The (30)Lily can also be referring to an older person, most likely a male, but not always…possibly someone I would consider possesses wisdom; or would consider a mentor; so this could be a fortunate meeting/talk with someone I look up to in some way. Interesting!

update: last night, we received a phone call from a very successful, well established gentlemen (30)Lily who was interested in forming a business partnership with us that would be extremely profitable. This phone call (12Birds) was definitely a twist of fate….it’s not something either of us could have imagined! this update is on the 25th Feb; 3 days after I had this draw.
There is definitely a time element of 1-4 days with these draws.
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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    February 22, 2008 2:06 pm

    Hi Spiritsong,

    Or maybe an older brother. I see it as a lovely pleasant conversation with a lucky twist with an elderly male. Maybe 2 of them.


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