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Reading: (21)Mountain+(31)Sun+(6)Clouds+(29)Woman+(9)Bouquet+(16)Stars+(12)Birds

February 24, 2008


I decided to do a spread, asking “what would my week be about?” Interestingly, some of these cards came up in a draw that I didn’t put up on the blog, a few days ago. The (21)Mountain hints at stalled situations, delays. The (31)Sun screams success! victory! lol The combination of the Mountain+Sun means long-awaited success; it’s taken a long time to get there.

As I have noted before, we have been in a battle with someone, that has drawn out for years. It has been, unfortunately an everyday focus in our lives for much too long. This combination seems to tell me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The person involved, is unstable & unpredictable and not playing by the rest of society’s rules. This person definitely comes under the description of (6)Clouds, and has been leading a double life. The (31)Sun +(6)Clouds also says to me that there will be an exposing of all the deceptions and “icki-ness” of this person’s dealings.

Surrounding me is (6)Clouds +(9)Bouquet, can mean “under the influence” but that wouldn’t fit for me, as I was the key card. Bliss is another association with this combination; I would feel blissfull if we could finally put this behind us! (9)Bouquet + (16)Stars says there will be achievment of my hopes and dreams, and that there will be communication (12)Birds of this good news, this week.

I sincerely hope so, you are what you think about, and I don’t like thinking about negative things- I am eager to move forward in a different direction! and this spread is hinting that the time is upon us.

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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    February 25, 2008 2:13 am

    Hi Spiritsong,

    Something that has dragged on for a while, which you may have a a temporary reprieve, it’s like it’s been too good to be true. There may even be a spokesperson who will speak on your behalf?(star+bird)

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