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Daily Draw: (34)Fish+(31)Sun+(14)Fox

February 26, 2008


The (34)Fish card tells me that the focus of this draw is around business, entrepreneurs, independent work. The (31)Sun) card is fantastic! it shows success, victory, overcoming challenges to reach your goals. The Fish+Sun combination can denote a competitive enterprise. Then you have the (14)Fox which often refers to the employee, who works for someone else.

This just fell into place as I was writing. This is not about our self-employment. My husband is going to go and talk to a very competitive firm who have shown interest in him, and have been actively pursuing him. I think this draw shows that this meeting will go well, and that this company thinks he’s “the right stuff” lol- The Sun+Fox combination can mean great career, top executive (which he would be, if he agreed). I don’t know if he thinks it’s a fit, but wants to explore the options….. this draw is telling me that the meeting will go well.

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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    February 26, 2008 1:56 pm

    Atamarie spiritsong

    This definitely is centred around successful business/work deals. Good stuff, it’s good when draws are obvious.


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