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Daily Draw: (12)Birds+(4)House+(16)Stars

February 29, 2008

This was somehow delayed publishing!

The 12Birds card keeps coming up for me! I scratched my head at first; there is obviously communication that is relevant, meetings,conversations,phone calls…

The 4House represents my domestic/family life, my physical home as well; and the 16Stars talks about a new phase, a new chapter of life starting, one where hopes and dreams are included.It’s encouraging, and saying that success is within reach.

Although house/stars combination could represent an architect; which would give this draw the meaning of discussions with an architect. We have no plans of this at the moment- except! we have been alot of discussions about what we would want to incorporate into a “dream home” when we build it in a few years!This could very likely be what this draw is describing, as we have just renewed an ongoing dialogue about living off the grid in a home that is self-sufficient.Maybe there will be some pertinent discussions today in that vein 🙂

We have had a focus today on the above, but also, phone calls and discussions on a new business deal that would really be a dream come true. It would definitely be the Stars card, and it would definitely affect the Home and how we live. So I’m feeling really good about the changes that are happening.

update: Both of these were the case.
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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    February 29, 2008 2:48 pm

    Hi Spiritsong

    I’ve been off-line yesterday so was unable to do a draw and comment on yesterdays one for you. Busy life now that I’ve started working…lol
    The other thing maybe some discussions with siblings, or your children will have discussions between themselves, on their dreams of the future. All in all a good day.
    As this is the theme of the day, there would be a few things that can occur. Lot’s of conversations in home, and about homes.


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