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Daily Draw: (5)Tree + (15)Bear + (3)Ship

March 2, 2008


This is an interesting combination, my first thought was that there was money coming to us (Bear) that was of a karmic nature(Tree), and that it was coming from far away(Ship)! This would actually fit- but I also worked out other combination meanings.

The (5)Tree can be referring to health matters; combined with the (15)Bear can  mean health problems in the digestive area, it could even mean a tumor. The (3)Ship means at a distance…it’s not here.

Ironically, there are 2 family members, who live far away who are dealing with these types of health issues…so I think that we will be hearing something about that shortly.

Bear/Ship can mean an expensive trip, but with tree it would either be a Spiritual journey (fingers crossed! lol) or because of health.

I will update on this draw…

partial update, one day after: one of our family members who lives away from us, called and said that she is having a mini camera put down her esophagus so that they can hopefully find out what’s going on with her digestive system. This is definitely, one layer meaning of this draw, but might not be the only.
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