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March 2, 2008


I couldn’t get the daily draw, and Aristede’s comment out of my mind (that maybe there was a health issue with a male at a distance); so I decided to do a spread. I used the (29)Woman as my key card. I kept wondering if I would need to travel because of someone being ill–I didn’t pose the question that way, though, and instead asked “what was most important around me for me to know?”

This spread blew me away. The Book, refers to something being hidden, or confidential unforseen event that will shake up your life. The Tree again, I think is referring to health matters, and the Fox is telling me that someone has been deceptive, has not been letting on about something. Book+Tree+Fox is screaming at me that someone is keeping a health condition secret, and hasn’t been honest with me.

To the right of the Woman(me) are the cards Anchor &Dog. This combination describes someone who you’ve known most of your life; a long-time friend,childhood friend, a life partner. I am certain this is describing my ex. We were high school sweethearts and were married for 20 years before growing in different directions. We are still good friends. The Fish was a strange finish to this revelation, but it said 2 things to me: that within the Piscean time frame (thru March 21st) I would find out the secret, and/or that I would be travelling shortly overseas to see him; and he lives on an island!

I just find these cards incredible– this just jumped at me, and in my heart of hearts I know I’m right.

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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    March 3, 2008 4:32 am

    Hi Spiritsong

    Book+tree+fox. Yes I would see that as someone having gone for some health checks with a health or holistic worker, for an underlying health issue.
    The other thing is the fox sitting next to you, could mean that you are feeling suspicious about someone having health issues? The book represents (brain) and the fox (nose and scent)

    Yes long term friend, looking at the King diamonds on fish, that would be indicative of a male business man, possibly darker features, and who lives near water.

    However I don’t see any negative cards following or in the reading, that it is a serious illness. Maybe you should of done the draw for the dog or man key card. As this reading is about what you should know at this time. So in that light, I see this as a positive reading.

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