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Daily Draw: (33)Key + (18)Dog + (14)Fox

March 4, 2008


This is definitely revolving around the (18)Dog card, which is coming up alot for me lately. I would guess that this is referring to my husband, although it could be another friend.

The (33)Key for tells of solutions, an unexpected resolution. The Key hints that a major event is about to happen, twist of fate….at any rate something important and big. Destiny is at foot.

Interestingly, the (14)Fox talks about work; our employment. One thing that this combination could be pointing to, is a major development around a work situation with my husband. It’s almost saying to me that this is being guided, and to follow the synchronicities, which he is doing. A very unusual, very profitable deal is in the process of being put together now, that would have a major impact on our future; I hope that this is what is being referred to. (33)Key + (14)Fox can mean an agreement!

The other, not so nice way to put this together, would be if I looked at the (33)Key, and said that there is a ‘key player’ in my life, someone I am very connected to (possibly past life connection), who is not being straight in some way. (18)Dog + (14)Fox says disloyalty. So I could put this together to mean, that someone within my ‘inner circle’, a dear friend, is being deceptive in some way.

This could again, refer to my ex, (see below reading), or a dear female friend, who I think my be acting out of character. I hope it is what first came to me in the beginning- but I agree to always share whatever meanings that I come up with. 

update: I am pretty sure this is referring to my husband, as not only is the business deal sealed, but there are many other business projects being discussed. A very exciting turn!
another level to this, is that there is about to be a pivotal change in a situation with a sneaky, manipulative person we know- The fox talks about con artists, and that’s what this person turned out to be.With the Key present, it says that Destiny is at play, and that an unexpected resolution will come about.
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  1. spiritsong permalink*
    March 4, 2008 2:50 pm

    I don’t necessarily think that this person would be “disloyal” to me; but might be acting out of character-
    being secretive or something.

    So far, the first interp, seems the right one;
    There was ‘key’ news/developments today on this work that my husband is presently involved with…it looks as though it is pointing to the fact that this is pivotal for us. It will change the course of our daily lives 🙂 it is definitely KEY stuff!


  2. Phoenix Rising permalink
    March 5, 2008 2:43 am

    Hi Lisa,

    Yes I think it would be talking about your husband as key sits before him, that means the fox would be out on it’s own, so that must mean a major event for your husband with work.

    This could also pertain to your reading, what is important for you to know right now.

    fox came up as well as dog.


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