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Daily Draw: (18)Dog+ (7)Snake+(25)Ring extra card: (31)Sun

March 5, 2008


I realised after drawing these cards, that yesterday’s draw has yet another layer of meaning. That layer is connected to this draw as well.

The (18)Dog & (7)Snake are definitely combined. This is describing an individual we’ve known a long time, who betrayed my partner. Someone who my husband initially trusted, but discovered quickly was a real snake, in every way. The snake is all about lies, deceit, defamation, betrayal, everything sleezy. This person is all of that and more! The (25)Ring is a welcome sign. It hints at contracts,agreements & completion. The added card of the (31)Sun seals it!

The combination of (25)Ring+(31)Sun means prestigious contract, VICTORY!! So I know that the cards are telling me that this long, drawn out ordeal is about to be completed, and victoriously 🙂 When this draw comes about, I will splurge for a bottle of champagne lol.

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  1. March 5, 2008 10:42 pm

    Hi Spiritsong,

    Yes I see that, there may have been some issues for your hubby to go through before making the agreement, all in his favour. So we know that the dog, will most likely always represent your husband…your soulmate.

    Ka pai ra!!

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