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Daily Draw: (3)Ship+(8)Coffin+(30)Lily extra card: (15)Bear

March 6, 2008


I hesitated posting this, but if something really does happen, then it is documented and shows the power of the Lenormand Oracle.

The (3)Ship is talking about something at a distance; what the cards following, describe, is not something nearby. The (8)Coffin + (30)Lily combination can mean assisted living (a major change in an older person’s life); or also can denote a passing.

This, to me, is showing that someone I know who lives far away, is either transitioning into a care facility, or someone is passing from this plane to the next. There really isn’t Death, in my view, just a shift in energy. (I have had a near death experience).

I pulled an extra card, even though this draw seemed pretty clear; and I drew the Bear.The (15)Bear talks about an influx of cash flow, financial windfalls. This might be saying that I will receive something if there is a passing..I don’t know. The other meaning for the (15)Bear, which has come up in this way before, is describing a man, who is stocky build, overweight and has a strong presence. I know someone of this description, who has been having health issues.

This doesn’t bode well, but I cannot change another’s reality. I have learnt this from precognitions of death of other loved ones; knowing, doesn’t mean you get to change anything, and it’s damn difficult, to say the least.

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  1. March 6, 2008 2:21 pm

    Hi Spiritsong,

    Yes it doesn’t look too bright. All I can say, is a transition into retirement or serenity.


  2. indianstorm permalink
    March 6, 2008 3:05 pm

    Hi Spiritsong- can’t help but share your view on this-
    It is difficult when a gut instinct is strong. It does appear ominous..


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