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Daily Draw: (20)Garden + (26)Book + (8)Coffin extra card: (15)Bear

March 10, 2008


Now I must admit, this one has me raising eyebrows- I’m not sure of what I think  of this draw, but I’ll give it a try. I started out with 3, but added an extra one.

The (20)Garden describes a network of people, contacts; for me personally, it sometimes refers to my internet community of friends. The (20)Garden + (26)Book can be describing classes, students, group study….

If the first 2 cards are describing one of my student friends, then the (26)Book + (8)Coffin could be saying that somebody I know, is going to drop out of one of these groups. (I don’t feel that it is talking about me, at the moment). This could have been the original meaning of this draw, but I added another card, and I feel that the dynamics changed, so let’s see what else pops up.

The (20)Garden, still says to me that this is about someone I know in my network.. (26)Book + (8)Coffin could be talking about a sudden big change in someone’s life that I know… this could be a multitude of things, and could even be referring to a surprise passing. I bring up this last point, because the combination of (8)Coffin + (15)Bear talks about inheritances, life insurance benefits, or funeral expenses.

This does not feel like family, because of the (20)Garden, but more about one of my acquaintances…

One last thought: A student (Garden+Book) who ends up dropping out of classes, either because of a passing– or a sudden change in financial fortune. It just looks like to me that someone comes into money that they didn’t expect, and it changes their plans.

Any thoughts???

Shocking update: My 19 year old son came home from University this afternoon, and told me that one of the girls that is in his study group, was in total shock, as her boyfriend’s best friend had suddenly died this weekend! They don’t know the cause, as of yet. It sounds as though he fit the description of the extra card (15)Bear.
I was totally stunned to realise that my cards were describing this news.
These are a very powerful oracle. Spiritsong~
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  1. indianstorm permalink
    March 10, 2008 7:45 pm

    Hi spiritsong..
    what a turn up of cards? It is quite a shocker as far as revelations goes. Does this tie in with your previous 3 card draw? You have a knack of premonitory readings.. I am so sorry to hear about the boy’s passing. My condolences to the family. I hope you’re son is doing ok.


  2. phoenixoracle permalink
    March 11, 2008 2:24 pm

    Oh Spiritsong, that is very sad for the boy and his loved ones.
    But yes this is an amazing oracle.

    Nga mihi


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