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Daily Draw: (24)Heart+(4)House+(36)Cross extra card: (32)Moon

March 12, 2008


Aaaargh..there’s no avoiding this- I had a reading like this that I didn’t post, again referring to great sadness. I just didn’t want to have to post another sad draw!

The (4)House is the prominent card to me, it relates to family, domestic life etc. The (24)Heart is all about just that, love, feelings. What is concerning, again, is that the heart is combined with the (36)Cross; this hints at great sadness, heartaches, emotional pain. This combination says to me that there will be a situation, surrounding the family that will be sad in nature. House+Cross can also refer to a chapel or memorial….

I added another card, (which didn’t relieve this any) and I drew the (32)Moon! Cross+Moon would relate to emotional depression. The (32)Moon also says to me that the time is short, a very fast time frame.

I keep getting warnings, so I can’t ignore it- we will be dealing with something sad soon.

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