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Daily Draw: (33)Key+(10)Scythe+(29)Woman extra card: (12)Birds

March 13, 2008


The extra card at the end, is the (12)Birds. I drew it for clarification, it tells me that either there will be conversations, meetings,or  negotiations…

The (33)Key card is a wonderful card; it tells that a major event is about to take place…there’s a twist of fate, or answers, solutions…unexpected resolutions to a difficult situation. Next to the key card, is the (10)Scythe card and the (29)Woman card. These 2 cards say to me that this is a decisive woman, a leader… connect that with the Key, and there’s the possibility of a “spiritual leader” as another clue to who this woman is….(this describes someone we know- who portrays herself as a ‘leader’).

I keep playing with the Key+Scythe. It hints to me that there will be a decision that will resolve the situation. But it also screams of Karma—karma for this woman! It is my hope that the (12)Birds represents negotiations/meetings to resolve; I hope it just doesn’t mean that I’m going to hear the next installment of her karmic drama!! lol

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  1. indianstorm permalink
    March 13, 2008 11:46 am

    Good point.. I was pondering the same in a reflective layout, would the woman represent as the person laying the cards-

    Spiritsong taking decisive action– taking no prisoners when it comes to negotiations..:) if thats the case.. you go for it and stand your ground- you go girl!! ( I’ve been waiting to say that phrase a long time.. seems opportune now lol!!)

    In the Treppner course- the Key represents an exclamation mark- So it can be an emphasise on taking a decisive approach too..


  2. spiritsong permalink*
    March 13, 2008 8:51 pm

    Oh wow- you just said a mouthful Aristede- I’m glad I was busy until tonight to read this! lol

    First, NO, I actually don’t charge the woman or the man in my daily draws- I leave it open, so that when it appears, I normally think it is talking about someone else! Only when I ask a specific question do I charge for me…..

    but having said that, “a karmic decision whether or not to communicate something”… or “taking decisive action, and taking no prisoners” yikes!!! LOL

    I have been pressed into service, getting an unbelievable opportunity to read for someone I’ve never met, but is an important business contact with my husband…it turns out both the male (and his wife), hoped I would do spreads for them.
    I did a few business ones, and then did a general spread- some very personal information, concerning relationship issues came up- like quarrels, possible splits, etc, and I have been debating whether or not to go there– it’s hard when you’re not face to face, to feel things like that out– do you know? so that is what I’m facing at the moment!

    so whether I charge or not, I should look at it as it pertains to me as well!!!!! brother!

    Thank you both for those insights–


  3. phoenixoracle permalink
    March 14, 2008 3:53 am

    Hi Spiritsong,

    Yes quite a big responsibility I see here, I think that what the lesson maybe, Whether to say this or that, conversations and with 2 people. This might suggest that they may take what you say seriously, so how are you going to word it??


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