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Daily Draw: (22)Crossroads + (23)Mice + (5)Tree

March 22, 2008


The (22)Crossroads + (23)Mice can mean exciting opportunities, and the (5)Tree can have something to do with the Spiritual- So I’d like to think that there are exciting Spiritual opportunities coming!

More likely this describes stress-related health issues… exhaustion/fatigue- which might relate to my step-daughter, who the doctors think has the beginning of an ulcer. She has a high stressed job that I think is causing health problems now.

update: funny enough this draw appeared to me in my dreams the following evening- and it seemed to say that the (23)Mice was the key card – that it was referring to stress. The (22)Crossroads hinted at multiple opportunities/choices that would bring a sense of balance back into our lives (5)Tree. We’ve been in a stressful ‘hold’ pattern for a long time, and now new directions are opening up…this draw seems to be saying that these new directions will put things in a healthier balance.
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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    March 23, 2008 6:12 am

    Hi Spiritsong

    Another thought going from left to right. It could be that, the choices made had caused the problem, therefore if one can cause it, then they can also heal it.


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