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Reading: (3)Ship + (7)Snake + (29)Woman + (15)Bear + (26)Book

April 3, 2008


I asked what circumstances would be around me during the following week. The (3)Ship and the (7)Snake tells me that there’s going to be trouble from  a distance…one of the classic meanings is “a bumpy ride”! The (15)Bear has to do with finances..and the (26)Book can mean surprises. Combined it can mean audits, accounting, financial analysis.

I was mentioning this to my husband, and he figured out what it might be referring to: we are waiting on tax information from an investment that went bad, so that we can finish our taxes….we don’t know if there’s anything left in the fund yet…I have a feeling that we’re about to get an unpleasant surprise. When it rains, it pours….

Another thought came to me the next day; the Ship+Snake could be talking about car troubles, and the Bear+Book could mean expenses that come as a surprise!

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  1. spiritsong permalink*
    April 3, 2008 7:37 pm

    Yes 🙂 it was a no layout spread..the woman was charged, but didn’t come out until just at the end, leaving 2 cards to the right.. so I went ahead, 2 cards on each side-


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