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Daily Draw: (13)Child+(18)Dog+(8)Coffin extra card: (4)House

April 9, 2008

Finally! It has taken me all morning and part of the aft. to get this post up! Aristede’s internet problems seems to be catching! woe’s me!

The (13)Child + (18)Dog combination describes a childhood friend, someone I grew up with. The (8)Coffin is saying that possibly this old friend is going to go through a major, life altering event. The combination fo the (18)Dog +(8)Coffin can mean an ending/rupture of that relationship, or it can mean literally a death of a friend. I drew the extra card- and got the (4)House. This said to me that this person is somone who is close to the family– or that it would directly affect my family.

However you try to slice it, it just doesn’t come out good–

Another thought has come to me a day later on this draw: perhaps I should again be looking at the child as being the focus, the key card. This draw could be describing the loss of a friend to this child!!  possibly a family friend? or it’s someone that they trust…either it’s a physical loss, or a rupture in relations…  hmmmm… lots of ways this one could go!

As I pressed ‘publish’ one more thing came to mind…as Aristede pointed out, the Coffin + House combination can mean reconstruction, rebuilding, new foundations…so maybe this isn’t half bad-possibly there is a building of a relationship to a  bigger level, with someone who is close to the child…say, her father! HA!

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  1. spiritsong permalink*
    April 9, 2008 9:45 pm

    That’s a very good point Aristede,
    sometimes I combine the last card…but alot of times it just seems to stand on it’s own.
    for ex. the letter/lily/woman extra:Mountain
    it wasn’t appropiate to combine the woman with the mountain- it didn’t fit….so it’s still a discovery process as to whether to combine it, or read it singly.

    I actually forgot to look at it combined! lol
    I was so annoyed at my slow internet! oh well.
    I hope you’re right 🙂

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