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Daily Draw: (31)Sun + (1)Horseman + (9)Bouquet

April 12, 2008

This is a nice draw this morning 🙂 There are a couple of ways to interpret; the (31)Sun is success, happiness, victory…just good vibes… combine it with the (1)Horseman, which is news or people on the way, I would say either really great news on the way, or there’s a nice encounter with someone. The (1)Horseman combined with the (9)Bouquet can mean new attractive situation, happy news, or attractive man.

SO! there is either a really well-aspected new attractive situation coming forward, or a nice encounter with an attractive man ! lol (don’t tell my husband! haha) or victorious, success-happy news! I prefer the first or the last- as I’m already married to an attractive man–lol  

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