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Reading: (17)Storks+(14)Fox+(31)Sun+(28)Man+(13)Child+(33)Key+(18)Dog

April 12, 2008

  I did a Lenormand spread for my husband, today, asking what would be happening around him in the next week? I charged the (28)Man card to represent him.

The (17)Storks+(14)Fox combination tells me that there will be positive changes around his work situation. Although we are self-employed, we are beginning a partnership with someone else as a separate enterprise, and it looks like his position in this venture is going to be elevated in some way;(Storks/Fox can also mean promotion). The (31)Sun denotes success and happiness. There is satisfaction around this development. The (14)Fox+(31)Sun also refers to “valued employee”- so his part in the new venture is going to be very valued by the other person. Very nice!

Also, another situation is going to crop up for him this week. The (13)Child represents a young child that my husband is concerned about right now, his youngest daughter who lives abroad with her mother… the (13)Child+(33)Key describes her as a spiritual child, which she is, but the Key is also pointing out that there’s something important here, to take note. The (33)Key+(18)Dog can refer to a counselor; and what I think this is saying is that this week, the Social Services are finally going to visit and make sure she is ok. This is an important event.

Now I wonder if the left side could have something to do with this as well- I could say that there will be positive changes, (17)Storks, due to his quiet, behind the scenes work, (14)Fox, gathering evidence for the Soc. Services that brings about a successful outcome(31)Sun, in this matter…. what do others think? could that be a possibility as well??

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  1. April 14, 2008 2:37 pm

    I really think the Key card on the right side of this reading might mean a solution – that a friend or counselor might be the solution to the problem with your husband’s daughter.

    Have you heard anything about that yet. The child has turned up in SO many of your card draws lately – it must be a very important issue in your life.

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