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My reading using *Madame SeaQueen’s Simple layout*

April 17, 2008

   PAST                 NOW           IMMEDIATE        SOON      




Past: Letter + Crossroads + Lily:  In the recent past, there was news, in the form of documents, that we had to make a decision on, that brought us a level of peace. (we made a decision on a business offer, that definitely brought about satisfaction)

Now: House + ME + Snake: This is definitely me at the moment. It’s showing the family/home, the trigger being me, is having difficulties. I am having health problems, that have kind of put the family out a little, as “Mom/Wife” is out of commission and can’t speak!

Immediate: Key + Scythe + Clouds: The Key+Scythe combination says an important decision to be made, but there’s confusion as a result…? The Key +Scythe could be considered a karmic decision. The trigger is a decision, the reason is either spiritual or karmic, or of crucial importance; but the Scythe+Clouds hint at an uncertain outcome…. I don’t like that one!

Soon: Ship + Tower +Bouquet:   At a distance, either to do with banking or legal…distant financial or legal dealings; and the result is positive and great!

My thoughts were all about business and financial at least the ‘Soon’ part looks good!

Trigger line: Crossroads + ME + Scythe +Tower:  2 things hit me with this, one I like, the other definitely not! 1)Major decision made in a legal trial…a judgement is made (been waiting a LONG time) 2)Choices, decisions for me to make, concerning medical..Scythe+Tower can mean Hospital, Emergency Room…scythe on it’s own, can be talking about surgery, or a medical procedure..

I honestly think, that it’s the legal situation though, that this is talking about….considering ship+tower+bouquet coming soon…


Thank you Madame SeaQueen for a very worthwhile layout….and I know I have barely touched the surface with this one reading– when I’m feeling better, I will re-visit it 🙂

ps: this is for you Aristede!! lol  you asked….I shared 🙂 🙂   lol

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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    April 20, 2008 5:37 am

    Great spread, I have to give it a try, I just love doing new spreads, and it would be a good general reading as well.


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