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*Reading with another of Madame Seaqueen’s Layouts*

April 19, 2008




This shows that in the past, I have had a happy life, and a positive outlook.

In the present, it shows (correctly) alot of stress over work!

And in the Future, there are going to be some important meetings of people. The (20)Garden represents groups of people, network of people.The (33)Key is either saying that this is a karmic connection, or extremely important….but the (33)Key also means Spiritual..and this makes the most sense to me. In the future, I will be connected to a Spiritual network of people, that is going to be pivotal for me.

So hopefully, it will be “goodbye stress” to more interesting endeavors in the future! I will post other tries with both of these spreads in the near future. 🙂

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