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*Reading with Madame Seaqueen’s Simple Layout*

April 21, 2008

Refer to earlier posts about this layout~

This reading was for my husband, and was asking about finances and work..

      PAST           PRESENT       IMMEDIATE      SOON



In the recent past, (Tower+Ship+Heart) there has been great enthusiasm over a major business deal with overseas investors. In this case, the Tower+Ship refers to big business overseas, and the Heart refers to the satisfaction.

In the present, (Scythe+Husband+House) he has been involved in family decisions, actually planning and preparing to put our house up for sale next year…

In the next few days, (Dog+Bouquet+Clover) there is good fortune and great happiness over something happening with his business partner (remember I asked about business and finances)-

And in the near future, (next few weeks) (Crossroads+Book+Clouds) it looks like he will be ensconced studying everything he can about trusts…but there will be confusion and questions still about what the best way forward is-  the other way to interpret this one is that there will be multiple projects coming forth, and choices to be made about them, but there is some kind of underlying confusion/or questions around them.

Now the Trigger Row is interesting: (Ship+Husband+Bouquet+Book)- there is a trip that he will be making, somewhere nice (almost described as a vacation,[ship/bouquet] but it won’t be) where he will be working on one of the business projects….it’s defintely far away, and somewhere nice, and it comes as a surprise(book).

All in all a busy time, with some unexpected travel for business! lucky him! lol   🙂

*Check out “Ask My Cards” for more info*

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  1. April 22, 2008 1:31 am

    I wonder, Spiritsong, if the ship in the trigger row – while reading it across – might mean something else. Maybe the ship on one side of the man and the flowers on the other might mean that “his ship has come in” as in the time for profit and plenty is now! Whatever way you read it though, it looks like happy financial news.

    This is such a neat spread – I’m going to have to try it out, too.

  2. phoenixoracle permalink
    April 22, 2008 4:37 am

    Yes, neat spread, and things look great, atleast with the cloud card it is only temporary.

    Business has been looking good for your husband for a long while now, looks like no unforeseen misfortune in the near future for him.


  3. spiritsong permalink*
    April 22, 2008 5:32 pm

    I love the saying “my ship has come in” – my mother used to say that 🙂
    I like the thought, although it doesn’t fit with Sylvie’s meanings necessarily.. either way, I like it! lol

  4. sanimagy permalink
    September 21, 2008 2:06 pm


    My name is Sanimagy, i am from Romania, I will send the very best and many congratulations, are a wilt LENORMAND cards, and few days ago we gave you and I was very impressed by what you do, I’m glad I could communicate on this topic .
    Please, respectful, and I cleared me, I have the following books:

    28 1 8 16
    29 31 12 10
    9 32 5 2
    fail to find the answer …
    will multumes

  5. spiritsong permalink*
    September 23, 2008 10:28 am

    Hello Sanimagy,
    I’m sorry for the long delay in answering, I’ve had troubles with the internet.

    One thing I noticed right away, is that where you have the 31 Sun card, there ought to be either the 28 Man or the 29Woman. Depending on who you are reading for, you pick one of these cards out first and put it down….then, after shuffling, you place the other cards. So no wonder it’s a bit confusing!

    I would recommend trying again, with the proper placement –

    You could still read each vertical line to get messages….

    I’m going out the door, but will pop back later today and give some thoughts on the cards 🙂

    But do try again with either the man or the woman!

    Best wishes,


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