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Daily Draw:(22)Crossroads+(9)Bouquet+(33)Key extra card:(2)Clover

April 22, 2008

The (22)Crossroads, can mean multiples…more than one; combined with the (9)Bouquet, this can describe a large network….OR it could be describing multiple hobbies 🙂 (of which I have a few!)- I tend to think it’s talking about a large network though. The (9)Bouquet combined with the (33)Key can denote incredible success. Both the Bouquet and the Key are such fortunate cards…they say YES! I drew an extra card, as I tend to do- and I drew the (2)Clover. Combining the (33)Key +(2)Clover I get the meanings positive twist of fate, synchronicities, good things happening!

In summary, I think this is a business message, that the big network that we have become a ‘member’ of, is going to reap really big success. The other thing that sticks out about this, is again the (33)Key…although this is big business, alot of the players are coming together for spiritual/altruistic reasons…and I strongly feel that there is a past life connection between alot of these people…at any rate, it’s very well-aspected.

If I were to play out the idea that it was describing my multiple hobbies/interestes…lol.. it would be describing them as having beauty, and that I would be quite successful if I wanted to sell them–the clover adds the luck of the Irish! (which I am mainly! lol) oh well..just another thought.. I have toyed with doing something with my hobbies, such as setting up a store on Etsy, but it’s just in the daydream stage at the moment!

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  1. April 22, 2008 2:57 pm

    Hi Spiritsong,

    You have been getting a lot of clovers in your card draws lately – also quite a few keys and boquets! Looks like some very good times are ahead.

    When I look at this draw I get a feeling that a decision you make will have a very positive outcome and will bring a lot of happiness.

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