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*Madame Seaqeen’s simple layout* for me :)

April 25, 2008


Yesterday I did a Lenormand spread for me! rather than for others, to see what was going to be around me this next week. I used Madame Seaqueen’s simple layout, that I have written about before. Here are the cards:

      PAST              NOW        IMMEDIATE       SOON





In the past, Sun+Moon+Coffin I have recently successfully overcome feelings of being depressed. I don’t normally get depressed, but pressure from all sides just did me in, and I became quite sick. To say I was down, while my mouth was filled with ulcers, is an understatement!

Right now, Whips+Woman+Crossroads, I’m still extremely active/busy on multiple projects; so much so, that I haven’t posted a draw in a few days- horrendous-

In the next day or so, Tower+Key+Clover: the Key+Clover can refer to fortunate incidents, or a lucky twist of fate. For me, this would either refer to a legal matter, (Tower), or a corporate/big business matter….either would be pertinent.

Soon, within the next week, Bear+Fox+Ring, there is the possibility of a financial windfall, positive cash flow coming from a business contract; or an agreement around a work situation that brings money in…..I present both, because there is a disputed legal matter around a financial/work contract in the past…and there are some wonderful new business opportunities bubbling up in the present. So either would be great.

Trigger row-Moon+Woman+Key+Fox, moon+key can represent something emotionally significant, and key+fox can denote an agreement, or an important job position. So big things on the horizon this next week.

I will update…………



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