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Daily Draw:(2)Clover+(24)Heart+(31)Sun

May 4, 2008

I know Sammie is going to rib me for all the clovers I’m drawing lately! lol I must be starting an upward trend 🙂

The (2)Clover tells me that there’s luck and positivity around me, possibly a twist of fate. There’s hope, and unexpected answers. Combined with the (24)Heart, it can be describing a positive relationship, harmony…

The (24)Heart for me usually has to do with relationships, but many times I find that it’s describing enthusiasm, passion as well. So, there could be a lucky circumstance that brings about alot of positive, happy feelings!

The (31)Sun just tops it all off…it’s describing success, victory- and again, combining the (24)Heart with the (31)Sun can be denoting a very happy, successful relationship. Circumstances around my loved one and I have been lightening up alot…the stress has lifted some, so the smiles and laughter are returning. This draw just seems to reassure that all is well 🙂

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