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Reading- using Madame Seaqueen’s simple layout~

May 9, 2008


I did a short reading in person, at a social gathering last week for a lady I didn’t know, and I thought I would share a bit that came out from it, as I’ve received confirmation.

I started with using Madame Seaqueen’s simple layout, for a general feel around her for the next week to 10 days. Here are the cards:

PAST               NOW             IMMEDIATE     SOON



In the Past: cross+sun+mountain – There has been great pain in the recent past, but is now fading away ( she confirmed that a relationship had broken up 6 weeks ago, but she was starting to feel better)

Now: whips+woman+fish — For me, studying with Sylvie, the Fish refers to entrenepeurs/business, self employment. The combination said to me that she was very active at the moment on what she does outside of work (9-5). This woman reads cards professionally, outside of her regular job, and is busy trying to grow her clientelle. I also asked her if she was seeing a massage therapist, or a chiropractor? as the Whips and Fish can refer to them……. I don’t normally combine in that manner, if I’m doing a nolayout spread of Sylvie’s, but with Madame Seaqueen’s spread, it seems to usually work in describing something around the querent. So I experiment 🙂 Sure enough, after our meeting, she had an appointment with her chiropractor! lol I had never met this woman before, and thought this was really cool.

Immediate:  birds+storks+man —  birds and storks said to me that there would be an improvement in the relationship front soon…it can mean ‘merger’ or ‘couple’s life’, and with the man following this, I thought that she might be meeting someone shortly that she might become involved with.. (she called our mutual friend, and told her that she actually did meet a nice gentleman a few days later! early days.. I did a subsequent spread that definitely showed her getting involved with a nice man)

Soon: fox+bouquet+house what came to me with this combination, was that by the end of the week she’d be busy working on beautifying her home, or redecorating. (sure enough, that was what she was planning! lol)

Trigger row: sun+lady+storks+bouquet — basically this reading was showing that after some sadness in the past, she was feeling much better about life in general now, that she was optimistic, and making positive changes in her life.

I went on to do more specific spreads, using Sylvie’s methods, and found that the combination of the two worked well for me!




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  1. May 9, 2008 1:48 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    What a good reading! I really need to try this spread.

    I’d like to have an opportunity to read for other people. It must be so different than reading for yourself and people that you know almost as well as yourself.

  2. phoenix rising permalink
    May 9, 2008 6:02 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    That’s great to get confirmation from a client using the method, really goes to show how accurate and detailed Sylvies method is. It may even inspire an interest for her to have a look at this method as well.

    I worked 6 days this week so today is my only day off, so hopefully I’ll have time to do a spread.



  3. May 22, 2008 7:36 pm

    It is really so, but some aspects are missed or disputable. I’ve looking for this information for a long time! What more can I find about it?

  4. spiritsong permalink*
    May 23, 2008 9:25 am

    hello 🙂
    If you mean where can you find more information about this spread, go to Madame Seaqueen’s blog-
    She is the creator of this spread.

    Best wishes,

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