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Reading using Madame Seaqueen’s Simple Trigger Layout~

May 12, 2008

       PAST            NOW         IMMEDIATE      SOON



I have had a lot of success using Madame Seaqueen’s Simple Trigger Layout over the weeks. I use it each Sunday as a general spread for my husband and myself, as well as using it as a general starting place for other people I am reading for. It’s a great starting out point.

This spread was done at the beginning of May, and took about 10-12 days to come to fruition. It was a spread I did for a business collegue who’s involved in high finance. I was looking to see what would be happening around a big financial deal he was waiting on. So let’s go through it together:

In the past: mountain+clouds+birds – D. had been feeling lost & uncertain (mountain+clouds) over deals/negotiations (birds) that were taking forever to manifest.

Now: key+man+dog- At that “present”, the most important ‘key’ thing on D.’s mind was friendship and loyalty. He works with a small group of very wealthy individuals, and your word is your bond…the confusion came from their word taking a long time! and wondering if they were being honest. The key+dog (which is the only place I would combine in this way, around the man) means ‘karmic family’, key friend, spiritual friend…this definitely described what was on D.’s mind, one person he’s known a long time, who was critical to the success wanted. At that moment, he had to have faith (key) that those he trusted (dog) would come through.

Immediate: letter+tree+storks – literally in a couple of days, he received an official document/letter from the bank that showed that they approved the deal (worth millions); and the tree+storks showed a recovery/healing of the situation that had caused doubts. Tree+Storks can also literally mean ‘birth’, and this was definitely the birth of a major deal.

Soon: coffin+clover+sun – The coffin on it’s own shows a major change in this person’s life; important life alterations.. if you combine it with the clover, it denotes a second chance, a new start in life. The clover+sun has the meaning of overnight success, outstanding achievement. (what looked possibly dead in the water, 10 to 12 days ago, is now very much on for D.- his “slice of the pie” for doing this deal will change the way he and his family live! lol)

Trigger Row: clouds+man+tree+clover- The trigger row, I look at as the summary, giving a general idea as to what all the little pieces are referring to. In this instance, it was saying that D. went from being doubtful and uncertain about what was going to happen, to excellent health & recovery for this business deal. If I were to describe the man by the cards surrounding him,in the trigger row, it would say that he was at that moment a confused person, who is also very spiritual & health conscious ( all of which is true!) and was about to get very lucky!! but I think combining the tree and the clover gave the essence of the message…the ‘health’ of the business deal was going to go very positively.

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