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Daily Draw: (12)Birds+(30)Lily+(1)Horseman extra card:(3)Ship

May 17, 2008

This draw popped for me 🙂 I like it when that happens! The (12)Birds can refer to conversations, meetings, or even a couple. When you combine the (12)Birds+(30)Lily it can mean serious discussions, or possibly an elderly couple. At this time, I think it’s the serious talks.

(30)Lily + (1)Horseman combined can mean a renewal, or a new cycle; and lastly, these new talks are either coming from a distance (3)Ship, or the (1)Horseman + (3)Ship is talking about a visitor /guest.

We are having a guest this weekend! My stepdaughter who’s been mysteriiously ill with a stress-related malady, is coming for 2 days, I have a feeling that we will be having some very serious discussions about how she needs to release some of the stress she carries from work.

Either it’s that, or there are renewed talks coming from a distance,…negotiations …I hope that it’s referring to this! as it will change our lives. Maybe it’s both 🙂 

As an add on, it could also be saying that there will be news coming from a distance concerning an elderly couple…

update: Over the weekend, the first thought around these cards came true; we did have some serious, but productive talks with my step-daughter, who was a ‘guest’ coming from a distance. So this has panned out, but I have a feeling that there will be word about or from an elderly couple coming soon too. Sometimes my draws are very fast, and other times there up to 10 days I’ll stay alert!
Second update: There was word from my husband’s father in England on Tuesday the 20th, that he was going to his first support group of caregivers. My mother in law is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s… so it looks like this draw had 2 levels of meaning.
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