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part of a Reading using Sylvie Steinbach’s No Layout Spread:

May 26, 2008


This Lenormand spread was part of a reading I did for my husband on May 23rd. I share it, because it was hopeful and I plan on celebrating when it comes to pass! LOL  Here are the cards:

 I charged the (28)Man to represent him. To the left of him is the recent past, or what is in the process of leaving. (22)Crossroads+(35)Anchor combined describes an unstable lifestyle…(one where you’re wondering day to day if you’re going to pull off the financial juggling…). The (8)Coffin card, in this instance, is pleasant to see because it means that this kind of living, day to day, is coming to an end. There is a major change/transition at foot.

In the near future: (20)Garden+(15)Bear+(33)Key –  the Bear+Key shows a financial breakthrough, or a financial reward, and it looks like it is coming from the group of people that he has been dealing with (garden). The Garden can mean meetings, but also a network of people; the Bear for me (and in Sylvie Steinbach’s system), is the money card…financial windfalls, among other things…and the Key means that a major event is about to take place-an unexpected resolution to a difficult situation..success is near.

There is word, today, of a possible breakthrough in negotiations for a big deal that got stalled this past month….so I thought I would post this, and if it comes true in the next few weeks, at least it’s noted 🙂

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