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A posting of Sylvie Steinbach’s on the Aclectic Tarot forum:

May 27, 2008

 I just came across this answer to a question that someone was asking about ‘timing’ that Sylvie posted on the AE forum. I thought it said a great deal more than just about timing, that would be of interest, so I hope she won’t mind that I shared it in it’s entirety here.


Regarding the week days, I do not use any system since I use the Lenormand cards as a psychic tool. So depending on the day you do the reading, and the cards you pulled you may be able to have a fair estimate. For ex: it is feeling like the beginning of the week based on the numbers of days -for example 8 days – and we are doing a reading on Sunday so that spread indicates the following Monday. There is a thread on timing by the way on the forum but it does not get that detailed because you are asked to use your insights, your intuition for this kind of inquiries.

Remember that the book is a foundation not a ‘tells it all’. It has basic rules such as charging the key cards to force you to develop your sense of focus onto the cards -which is by the way not my invention but a trade secret passed on in my family (German-French) for generations in the art of the Lenormand. Some people complain that when they do their own readings the predictions are inaccurate or ‘they don’t happen’. Most of the time they have never heard about charging cards and they read them textually without relying on any psychic input. They can’t understand the psychic process because if they did they would know why I ask beginners and people who want to be ‘psychic’ to just do that.

Psychic insights won’t happen if you haven’t connected and released your energy onto a symbolic card. When yo do what I do most of everyday professionally for more than 25 years you don’t need to do it that intensely because your brain is trained to do it automatically. But for the ones that are not there yet, focusing is not that easy -You haven’t switch that ‘on’ button I refer in the book. Concentration is a key to do accurate readings. People who tell you otherwise and can’t understand that part are NOT professional psychics with a known track record! They are just card readers with few years of Lenormand under their belts as amateurs. I know some very good card readers -friends of mine- but that is not what my book is aiming to teach through the Lenormand.

Cards are just pieces of paper. They may one day tell you amazing things, and the next day nothing. If you can ‘switch on’ everytime by knowing how to concentrate and release your energy you will be consistently accurate at a high level (average 75%)! You may not have the most spectacular predictions to give away everyday but you will have your clients coming back to you because your forecast was right on. And you will be able to read for yourself and not have the ‘they don’t happen’ problem particularly in the love questions!

Doing exercises -practicing with threads from AT- is the only way to grasp what the no lay out system can do for you -if it works for you or not! This can’t be put into a book or it will become a 600 page workbook, boring and expensive. That is why I created that workshop in the forum. It is for each person who bought the book to understand the mechanics behind the no lay out system which relies on the development of your inner language with the cards vs the blind application of the combinations. These combinations given in the book are samplings that a true beginner of the Lenormand will be happy to use initially as guidelines. Intermediates or people who are using alternative Lenormand systems and meanings may not be interested in that feature or in the book altogether. But the combinations do not contain the only possible meanings as you will add some of your very own as you get more experienced.

If you are used to work with cards or have a developed intuition, do not be surprised as you become more familiar with each card’s meanings that your insights step up and override a specific combination to prefer another because it is how you feel the message is at that moment. Always go and follow what your intuition is telling you or showing you. Some of the past students would have wanted me to explain everything there is about the Lenormand deck. It is impossible without an interactive format like a class OR in one book only! In East Europe for instance some Lenormand teachers have published several books on different topics dealing only with the small Lenormand. If you read German you can find them on the internet.

So to go back to your original question… Well you could go and use traditional lay outs to help you find the exact day a situation will happen. There are indeed good Tarot books out there -I recommend one that I own “power tarot” that tackle spreads created for that purpose -or invent one. But instead of developing your psychic abilities you will just ‘read’ the book, the cards and conform to a spread…and you will join the ‘card reader’ group. It is Ok to explore and try things out. But once you rely on a spread your psychic abilities get limited by the structure of it. Position 1 means this, position 2 means that etc… Now if you are stuck on a reading and would like to see if using a spread give you the missing link, then go for it. But do not make spreads your entire psychic session.

Is what I am asking you to do harder? Yes! Relying on lay outs is a lazy way to do a reading because most people who do just that read combinations and can’t see beyond them. They will debate endlessly on what it could mean VS being sure of what WILL BE! Knowing how your psychic abilities work with the Lenormand deck is therefore an essential step in the learning process. So when you see a line up of cards you can right away know what they are revealing without going through multiple possible answers and variations -no debate. How come? because your psychic mind knows the right answer!

Then you can use the cards in everyway you wish without compromising insights as you will never need to read combinations in the future once you are accomplished -only from time to time for reference-. The result of such accomplishment: Priceless! 🙂

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