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Yesterday’s draw: (6)Clouds+(29)Woman+(23)Mice

May 27, 2008

I got this draw yesterday, and rolled my eyes…oh great! the clouds and the mice..2 of my least favorite cards. Now it’s possible that the woman is me, although I didn’t charge it to be. I can relate a bit to this, but it could also be describing a womanconnected to me.

The (6)Clouds shows upset and confusion with this person..there are doubts, and ???around her. Things are contradictory around her at the moment.. and the (23)Mice shows lots of stress as well. With the (23)Mice card there is frustration, sadness, grief; of being very annoyed.

I didn’t really identify with this, when I drew this yesterday; but I came to realize that “doubts, confusion, stress, frustration” could be describing my ever growing trepidation at having to go for a second MRI on Thursday. The doctors want to see if 2 benign but very troublesome tumors have shrunk after a procedure done last year, or if they’ve grown. I’m still having alot of medical problems related to them, so I don’t think they’ve shrunk sadly…and I’m beginning to stress that the doctor will try to push me again towards a surgery that I really don’t want to have. I’m trying every avenue open to me first! (I’ve had too many surgeries in my life..and I don’t want this one)-

The other possibility is that this relates to a female friend of mine, who I talked to today- she was upset and stressed as well; so it fits both ways really. I hate upset! I’m a peace loving gal 🙂

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  1. May 27, 2008 2:32 pm

    Hi dear Spirity,

    I hope your MRI goes well. I think the clouds say that it will. Whenever I see the clouds, I look for the dark and light sides – in this reading the light side of the clouds are facing the woman which I read as troubles around this woman clearing up.

    I would tend to interpret this as the little niggling worries that a woman has are going to be clearing up very soon!

    How is your kitty cat, Winge doing?

  2. Chanah permalink
    May 27, 2008 2:43 pm

    Oh, Spirity, feel better soon! I can sort of relate as I had a really rare tumour and ended up having to go to America to have surgery for it (they only see ten cases a year or so here, so there really isn’t much specialisation for it).

    It was pretty scary, but I’d be dead if I hadn’t done it. Recovery time is way too long but I understand why it does take so long.

    Take care of you! It’s your call, of course, but if surgery is the best thing, well, grit your teeth, and you know the rest.


  3. spiritsong permalink*
    May 27, 2008 3:38 pm

    Thanks both of you! that means alot 🙂
    I’m American, by birth, but have lived either in Europe or Canada most of my adult life- American medical is great, but boy does it cost!I loved for a few years in Montana before emmigrating, and didn’t have health insurance for the first time in my life–it was tough!
    so glad that you found a surgeon that was able to successfully operate Chanah-
    Recovery time may be long- but you’re ALIVE!! hooray!-

    My cat, Winge is still hanging on, Sammie…I’m hoping to have the money together for her surgery in the next week-
    vets are soo expensive!! all this talk about surgery-whew- I took her in to have the mass drained again, and keep her’s heartbreaking to have your hands tied financially, when someone depends on you for their well being. They found cancerous cells–all this because of a required shot!!! it doesn’t look good, but I think she’s got a chance-

    I did a reading for my husband which I will post, and it looks like things are going to turn around very soon, money-wise, fingers crossed…

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