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Daily Draw: (21)Mountain+(15)Bear+(9)Bouquet+(5)Tree

May 28, 2008

The (21)Mountain usually talks about delays of some kind. The (15)Bear refers mainly to money for me, although there are one or two other possibilities that I’ll mention. So as I first look at this, I feel it’s describing  the delays/obstacles with money that was supposed to be coming. Now with the (9)Bouquet there, this is hopeful, because the Bouquet hints at granted wishes, a recovery…combine that with the (5)Tree (the health of the matter), there is a healthy recovery from financial obstacles.

Boy, would this ever be wonderful! 

Now the Mountain + Bear has some other interesting meanings that I want to note; one is that it can mean “wildlife” – in which I might say that there is a healthy recovery for my cat! (she was a ferrel cat that adopted the family)-  the other possible meaning for Mountain+Bear could do with diet. This could be saying to me that with more attention to my diet, (and obviously more restriction [mountain]) that it would have a great benefit to my health 🙂 Now, sheepishly I know that, and have started watching everything that I intake, and am taking supplements, but I still have an awful long way to go, and when you’re stressed like I have been lately, it’s easy to eat unconsciously.

So here I have 3 different interpretations of a daily draw, ALL that I can relate to! I’m going to have to just leave it to the Universe and patience to see which point it was trying to make.

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