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Reading using Sylvie’s no-layout spread:

June 3, 2008

I hadn’t planned on working with the cards over the next few  days, but my husband asked ever so politely, to look at whether there would be a agreement reached soon with the woman he has had a legal battle with for years… The Lenormand spread was so clear, that I thought I would post it.

(Note, that the cards, physically in front of me, would be in a continual line, starting with the Sun card and ending with the Garden card)

The Sun+Ring shows a successful contract being made; and funny enough, the Ring+Crossroads denote a split, separating coming with it! They have been so glued together because of this dispute, that it will probably be strange for both of them to disengage!

The Crossroads+Woman combination shows that she’s unsettled and is a double talker (very true), and Cross between the two of them also shows what a difficult time the 2 of them have had. The Cross also says that she’s in crisis…and the Cross in relationship to him, definitely describes the deep pain this dispute has brought about to him. (It’s been horrific at times- never knew there were such devious, terrible people!)

The Letter+Anchor, thankfully shows that there will be encouraging news coming in the near future, that brightens our situation (Anchor+Garden). And the Garden on it’s own, can even refer to a non-profit organization/charity! which she purports to be! HA!

So I was able with great certainty, tell my husband that this was indeed about to come to a conclusion, and that we would move into a new, happier chapter in our lives. Considering how tough circumstances have been, I was pleased to be able to say this…

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  1. indianstorm permalink
    June 3, 2008 12:34 pm

    Hubby so sweet to ask politely– that is so cute– almost golden retriever cute level (for me thats waaaaaay cute.. can u tell i love dogs .. )

    so good to be back posting and love reading the spread you’ve done– before reading what you’re written Lisa.. my first impression– was- happy relationship turned sour.. from sun to cross – just before the man (your golden retrieveresque sweet hubby).

    then- man to garden– written resolution finalised for the long term ( anchor)- the garden i can take or leave– means a celebration at end — but the finalite– is the paper/legal paperwork (letter symbolique) is the long term resolution soon to come about–

    awesome stuff– you guys must have been Ghandi like patient– people are awful–but as Gandhi says– violence is not the answer– lol!! we’ll attack with weapon of choice — Lenormand–


  2. phoenix rising permalink
    June 5, 2008 3:56 am

    What a nice run of cards, they definitely seem easy to put together, not so much guessing. I think with the Garden sitting at the end that things will be brought out in the open or public knowledge so to speak. So her organisation that she’s been with for so long will know what really has been going on.


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