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Second part of multi-level reading:

June 9, 2008

I continued laying down the cards, looking for the (28)Man card which I had charged as another key card in this reading. It didn’t show up until almost the very end!

The Dog represents someone that my husband has known for awhile, someone he trusts. Now the Snake looks ominous, but in this instance really isn’t. At first glance, I thought it might be describing the difficulties that our friend has had recently with very complicated negotiations (Birds); but the Snake+Dog can also represent a helping hand, assistance, or networking solutions. Had the Snake been place after  the Dog, I would have been describing a deceitful friend instead! so glad it’s before it.

So the cards are saying that our business partner is about to help us out, as he seals the deal… the following cards clinch that thought with the Sun+Ring, which is a successful contract or deal.

We got word from this friend, late this afternoon, that the deal should be finalized this week, and monies being wired immediately. So that was pretty nice confirmation! I won’t be totally relieved until I see it reflected in our bank account though 🙂

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