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Daily Draw: (13)Child+(7)Snake+(5)Tree extra card:(3)Ship

June 14, 2008

I’m back in my routine again, after a rough week! I drew these cards this morning, and thought, ohoh! I hate to tell hubby this one, because he’ll immediately think it’s one daughter! I tried to think of every possibility in reading this particular combo….

First off, I saw a child (probably one of ours, but not necessarily) being sick; Snake +Tree can mean sickness, or contagious illness…trouble with one’s health, basically. Now it could be describing one of our kids who lives at a distance (3)Ship, or if you combine the Tree+Ship there’s the meaning of ambulance (which would be a lot more serious!).

Another take I had on this, was having the Child card mean “a little bit”. Combining this meaning with the Snake and the Tree, it would mean small difficulties around health….not so serious sounding 🙂

Now funny enough, the (3)Ship card can also refer to a mode of transportation, like a car….so if I wanted to stretch it, I could say that there’s a bit of trouble around the “health” of a car!! lol but I honestly don’t think that’s the real meaning. Any health concerns always brings up the one daughter who lives in Newfoundland, so we’ll watch that. Hubby’s youngest daughter, has just gotten over a virus that kept her out of school for a few days…so hopefully she doesn’t get a relapse…

Will just have to wait and see what else this might refer to! hard to put a positive spin on the snake-

Update: Just found out the next day, that hubby’s grown daughter had been at the hospital on Friday to have an ultrasound done, concerning her medical problems. We didn’t know anything about that, but since this draw came up the day after, it looks like there is going to be something up with the results…I have to think that this draw is connected. I will update again, when I find out anything more…
more to this came to light after I updated; eldest daughter was a participant in a 24 hout charity event that the bank she works at does every year. They have to stay up all night and do a team relay to raise donations. She was there, doing ok at first, and then ate something that was offered outside of her normally very restricted diet. She immediately got sick and had to go home during the night…so this was definitely about her.
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