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Reading about a business partnership~~

June 16, 2008

I feel as though I’ve gotten in a rut, so I thought I would display some different Lenormand decks to enjoy the artwork 🙂 This deck is called the Gypsy Lenormand. (Click on the thumbnail to see the artwork better)

I was asked to look at whether or not a certain business man would be trustworthy and honorable to work with, in some very important deals…basically, “was he ok?” I did a series of spreads, asking questions, and the results were all consistent. Here’s one line that I drew:

The Sun + Horseman + Mice in his recent past, said to me that he had successfully overcome a very stressful time. He had been under alot of pressure, but had managed to get through it very well. There have been delays, that had people questioning.

What’s interesting is that he has the Bouquet card right next to him, (as well as the Mice). The Mice card describes him as stressed, but the Bouquet card reaffirms that this guy is “ok”- he’s not messing anyone about. In answer to a yes/no type of question, the Bouquet card answers with a definite “Yes”- not only is the man OK but he’s a nice guy too!

The Bouquet+Ring+Storks following him in the near future shows that there will be a very good partnership/relationship between the 2 parties, that will be very beneficial. The Ring + Storks combination continues the theme, showing that the deal that they make, will bring in expansion, increases. It’s going to be good!

The next card after the Storks, was the Tower card, which if combined with the Storks card could represent building projects, or moving up in the world….considering the project concerned is about funding a building project (!) I thought that was pertinent as well. I did a series of spreads on this man, and they all were very promising, and said so. The person asking for the reading, came back to me that what I had shared was exactly what someone close to the person was saying…that he was a good egg, and that the deal would go forward.

It’s nice when it comes out so positive….that’s not always the case!

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  1. June 16, 2008 2:03 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    What a good clear reading. It does look like this person would end up being a good business partner.

    I have this deck, too. It is very different for a Lenormand deck.


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