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Reading: Playing cards and the Lenormand…

June 20, 2008

I was fiddling around with daily draws of both the Lenormand and the playing cards, and I noticed that quite a few times the readings mirrored each other 🙂 not really a surprise, but it intrigued me all the same. I’ve used Sylvie’s method of combining Tarot with the Lenormand many times for a reading, and wondered if it would work as well using the playing cards? It did!

The Playing Cards used are Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde; a beautiful gift from Bee 🙂

Starting from left to right, I combined one playing card with the Lenormand card below it. For me, I’m finding that there is a definite timeline for this reading.

The 1st: being rooted in the past;

The 2nd: being the recent past, or in the process of leaving;

The 3rd: being more about what’s about to happen presently;

The 4th: very near future; and

The 5th: being the future!

In the past: 5 Spades+Heart- the 5 of spades has to do with a loss…one that has emotion and anger tied to it, it’s accompanied with pain and tears. The Heart, of course has to do with an emotional matter, so they go well together. I think this is describing how I felt losing my 2 animals, especially my cat because it wasn’t a natural death.

In the recent past, or presently leaving: 2 Spades + Mountain- the 2 of Spades represents feeling stuck, being restricted, and with the Mountain…delays! The 2 of Spades also has a feeling of resentment with it, frustration…I am totally sick of the delays around business and being immobilized, unable to do anything! I’m glad to see that this is in a position of leaving!

Presently: 6 Clubs + Clover-  I am thrilled to see the 6 of clubs here! it is the card of movement, progress in business, among other things. It can denote negotiations as well. Combined with the Clover, there is unexpected luck in moving forward now.

Near Future: 6 Hearts+Moon –  the 6 of Hearts can denote a romantic relationship, one of faith, trust…it also represents the male gender; the male loved one in the seeker’s life. The Moon, can represent feelings of romance, and emotion as well. I think that this is saying that soon, after the turn of luck in business matters, my poor stressed husband will begin to relax and think of “us,” more than being in survival mode. A time of appreciating each other, and looking at each other with new eyes.

Future: Ace Clubs + Key- Wow! nice ending! The Ace of Clubs signifies entering into some kind of contract. It is the beginning of new business affairs, important legal documents etc. Combined with the Key this is telling me that this is a very significant event in our lives…could possibly be karmic as well..

This worked really well! If you enjoy both Playing cards and the Lenormand, try this spread out-If you need help with playing card meanings, I highly recommend Kapherus’ Forum:The Art of Cartomancy.

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  1. June 21, 2008 4:40 am

    What a great reading, Spirity! It works out really well to use the Lenormand and playing cards together.

    That is a lovely deck of playing cards. I don’t really know anything about reading with playing cards – hopefully, sometime in the near future I will be able to spend some time studying that.


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