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Daily Draw for Tuesday :)

June 25, 2008

I missed posting yesterday, but did do a draw that came true in 2 ways before the day was out! so I thought I would still share it.

 I like it when they’re plain and simple! lol This was telling me that I would hear from someone I know and trust, and that they would have news of a happy nature, or I would just be happy to hear from them; both happened by 3 pm :)

We received a phone call from our business/personal friend in the states, that not 1, but 2 huge deals would be coming to fruition (money in the bank) by next week! to say we were happy and relieved would be an understatement. I thought that that was the end of it, but later on, I received a surprise email from a dear friend in the UK who I haven’t heard from in quite awhile. This brought me alot of joy, because she’s like a sister to me. Now, funny enough, I’ve been getting a few draws lately about hearing from a woman who lives a great distance to me…so they were probably referring to her as well. I have only a few people in my life that I feel are part of my “family”- she’s one of her message really brightened my spirits.

It feels like Life is finally turning around to a more positive direction.

Come to think of it, this has another meaning, that hopefully will come to pass too…. the Horseman+Heart can mean new lover (gong!) or possibly new intimacy with my Dog (mate)…a fresh feeling of closeness and connection. This has been missing for awhile because of all the stress we’ve been under. When you’re in survival mode on couple of levels, it’s almost impossible to feel romantic. I’ve had a few readings of late, both lenormand and playing cards that showed a reconnecting between us. That would be grand, because I miss my best friend alot. So maybe this draw, does triple duty 🙂

I’ll be posting a reading a bit later this morning that I did internet is running a bit slow to get the graphics up-

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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    June 25, 2008 7:44 pm

    Hi Spirtsong

    It is wonderful when the message is so clear. And I’m glad to hear that things are finally picking up for you. Things are going well for me as well.

    When you going to try out the Grand tableau?


  2. June 25, 2008 7:46 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    I’m so glad to hear that things are finally going to improve on the business front!

    It is really neat that the cards had a “combo message”.

    Once things improve in the business part of life, things will get better everywhere else as well. When the two of you are so stressed out about business that stress takes a toll on relationship and health areas as well.


  3. spiritsong permalink*
    June 26, 2008 3:29 pm

    Stress is a killer! that’s why I try to stay commited to meditating and changing my reaction to events…it’s just not worth it!

    Hey Phoenix- glad to hear things are great with you! I miss all our communications 🙂 everything in cycles…

    I will probably try it shortly, time to myself has been missing, so I don’t get much time to visit everyone’s blog, or do big big spreads like that!- but I definintely want to try it-

    I loved Sammie’s reading 🙂 fingers crossed mine will turn out as well! lol

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