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Daily Draw: (17)Storks + (21)Mountain + (6)Clouds

June 27, 2008

Here we go again…my daily draws seem to reflect the fleeting moments; the ups and the downs, not the definitive moments except for a few… I am grateful that I have some very positive long term readings to show the greater picture to me! But I still find it fascinating to explore the snapshots of time that the dailies give to me. It’s how I learn how versatile these cards really are.

The Storks + Mountain describe temporary setbacks, or very sloooow progress; I almost couldn’t bear to share this draw with my husband! more setbacks…wheee! just what you want to hear! lol and there’s confusion and doubts with the Clouds. I knew immediately that this had to refer to our business connections…our friend had called last night to say he was waiting on another person to finish the last piece of the puzzle..well he was still waiting today, and was beyond furious; and was left wondering if this “dream of a lifetime” deal would ever get sealed.

Luckily, the bigger picture readings say that “yes” it will go through, and all we could do was reassure our friend that it was a temporary thing, not the end! Talk about being tested though!

Now, on a completely different vein…this drawing also reflects how I feel about WordPress Blogs at the moment! I have been having a great deal of difficulty with the ‘add media’ features, and trying to delete pictures from the gallery. Sometimes it goes through flawlessly, and other times I can’t get anything to finish–slow doesn’t come close to describing how painful it’s been. It’s why I’ve been late with posting this past week…too many technical difficulties! Anybody else having these problems??

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  1. June 30, 2008 1:53 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    I’ve been having problems with WordPress, too. It is starting to drive me crazy. I can upload pictures but they won’t “insert” into post. I used to use the Tree icon/button to insert the pictures after I uploaded them as I could never get the insert button to work on the uploader window.

    Well, now the Tree icon/button is gone and I’ve been having to use html to put my pictures in the blog. It takes so much more time. I’ve considered moving the blog to blogspot.


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