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Daily Draw: (31)Sun + (7)Snake + (33)Key extra card: (1)Horseman

June 28, 2008

Sometimes, getting the Snake card is not such a trial 🙂 here is one such example.

The Sun says that something good is about to happen, there’s success, happy positive emotions…smooth sailing about to come. The Snake combined with the Key can mean effective solutions, or problems of a karmic or spiritual nature. Thinking about what Contessa reminded me of the Snake card, this could a represent a woman. For me,  Queen of Clubs type is a business woman. Many times when I see this Queen, (or the Queen of Wands in the Tarot) it represents the woman that we have been in a legal battle with). If I were to combine it with the Key, it could be describing this woman who portrays herself as a spiritual teacher, or simply our karmic tests and connection to this person.

However I try to describe it, I am grateful to see the Sun shining, proudly first! There is victory hinted at with this card, that something is about to give on this logjam of 6 years. I almost wish there was a volcano card in the Lenormand deck, where it would describe breaking free, bursting forth! lol The Sun card will certainly do though.

I almost forgot the extra card I pulled, the Horseman – so happily, there is news or a message coming about this situation. Maybe the Feds have finally caught up to her..that would definitely be a Sun type message:)

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