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Reading with Sylvie’s No Layout Spread~

June 28, 2008

In lieu of my daily draws hinting at something happening with this issue we’ve had with a woman, legally in the states, I thought I would share a reading I did for my husband on June 18th. It also was talking about the same situation.

Only the man was charged, to represent my husband. The Woman appears first, with the scythe and storks being between the 2 of them. The scythe+storks can represent moving on, or iniatives for change…something he has been actively doing. Or, if I just read the scythe and the storks singly it would suggest to me a decision that brings about improvements. Another thought, as I write this, is that the cards could be describing that in the recent past, this woman made the decision to move. (this happens to be true- she fled the country!)

 I was happy to see the storks and the bouquet surrounding him. To me this say that things will be improving around him, and that he will get his wish around this issue.The Bouquet also denotes recovery…and that would be most deeply appreciated.

The Bouquet+Lily brings serenity and harmony to my husband….something that has been sorely lacking, (and very hard on me!) and the Lily+Sun describe that although it has taken a LONG time, there is late achievement concerning this fight. He “wins” in the end.

I have no doubt that there will be a satisfactory outcome concerning this dispute. I have yet to have long range readings prove to be anything else but right on target. It’s now just a matter of trust and patience to let things unfold.

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  1. June 30, 2008 1:58 pm

    Hello dear Spirity,

    It really looks to me like things will be ending with this woman soon. Since the Man is in the center I would read out from him in both directions so it would be: Stork, Scythe, Woman – which I would take to mean “the beginning of the end” with this woman. Then the cards on the other side of the man are so positive that it seems that once things end with this woman everything is going to be brilliant!


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