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Life is Back on Track ~ Hooray! Daily Draw: (18)Dog+(19)Tower+(6)Clouds+(31)Sun

July 4, 2008

After a challenging emotionally few days, the Sun is back out and shining so I’m eager to write again on this blog 🙂 it’s hard when you’re really down, to want to write anything, so I’m glad that’s over!

We have been hanging, waiting what feels like forever, for a series of business deals come to their completion. They are out of our hands…it’s like the last month of pregnancy; you are soo ready for it to be over and to get on with it!

The Dog, represents our friend and liason in these deals. The Tower, in this case represents the BIG deals, and BIG power and BIG egos that our Dog friend is dealing with. I saw the Clouds card there and thought “ohoh”, because it can mean doubts, confusion, things not straightforward, changeable situations (which has definitely been the case) but thankfully, my extra card was the Sun! The Sun on it’s own means Success & Victory.  The Clouds card followed by the Sun card says to me after alot of starts and stops, and almost losing hope, that one of these deals is really going to come off – and it only takes one to change the entire playing field! So I’m feeling optimistic.

This is one draw that I hope comes very quickly 🙂

Update: There has been positive progress on the business front, but July 5th brought forth an entirely different twist to the meaning of these cards. My husband can also be the “dog”, for me. The Tower + Clouds can also mean an error of judgement. As I have noted above, my husband made a bad choice by drinking a HUGE glass of Lucozade (which is a British version of an energy drink like Red Bulls) and then 2 hours later had a very frightening physical reaction that landed him in an ambulance to the Emergency Room. The extra card, the Sun, at least, showed that it ended all right- thank God!

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  1. July 4, 2008 4:20 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    I’m so glad things are looking up at your house!

    It really does look like the Sun is finally going to come though those clouds! I like how the dark side of the clouds is facing the tower and the light side is facing the sun. It really shows that all these troubles will be blowing over VERY soon.


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