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Reading for my husband using Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout~

July 10, 2008

       Past           Present        Immediate        Soon     

Trigger row (above)

Back to my Piatnik 🙂 at least for this reading. I did a reading for my husband, after having some interesting developments happen with the legal/criminal case against someone in the states. He keeps getting information, just at the right time, to expose this individual, which at times is nothng short of magic. But having said that, he is tired of it all, and would really like to see his involvement come to an end so that we can move on to brighter, lighter things. I did this spread this morning, and thought it was so clear that I would share it here. Like Tarot Dame I apologise for this one issue to keep coming up, but you can’t help it when you’re sharing personal draws and readings!

This layout comes from Madame Seaqueen, and I use it alot. What I like about it, is that once you identify what the Trigger Row is describing, you’ll most likely have  a story about someone connected to you just as much as about something with yourself. It’s a bit of a puzzle challenge, but definitely brings out alot of information!

The Trigger Row is: Snake+Man+Letter+Key:  This is describing a untrustworthy gentleman, someone who is deceitful and suspect. The Letter+Key is saying that there will be an important letter,email or document coming, connected to this individual.

Without going into details, there is a man who is loyal and has done anything and everything for his female Guru (also possibly the snake card) including purgery. He is a prominent person in society, and it looks as though we’re going to be getting some very important papers from him. So knowing what the subject matter is with the Trigger Row, I can go on and look at the rest with this in mind.

Past: Mice+Snake+Ship-  In the past, there have been been some very disconcerting difficulties, stressful problems that have been coming from quite a distance. There has been intimidation, harrassment, threats….but fortunately, this is leaving. It also describes the severe stress, with the feeling of no end in sight, feelings of being lost….so glad this is in the PAST!

Now: Scythe+Man+Sun- Now what came to me immediately was that there is about to be a decision made, concerning this man and/or my husband, that leads to victory/success. If there is ever going to be a settlement out of court, this man will be involved. I’m just glad to see the Sun there!

Immediately: Clouds+Letter+Cross- This is the only not nice part, but still manageable. In the past, they have publicly defamed my husband, asserting lies to try to get people to ignore the facts…smoke and mirrors… the clouds + letter talks about defamation, tabloids, false advertising etc. and with the Cross, it shows that it’s some kind of grievance, and that it’s troubling to my husband. He’s dealt with it before, so I know he’ll be ok– the Truth will win out.

Future: Clover + Key + Fox-  In the next week to 10 days, this set of cards shows a lucky break for my husband, a wonderful twist of fate.. and the Key + Fox can denote an agreement. I take it to mean this, rather than an important employee, or  important job decision because of the theme of the reading. So even though there will be one last ditch effort to slander, they WILL settle!

This is a fantastic reading to have just before his birthday on Saturday! I will definitely update on this one—

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  1. July 11, 2008 5:09 am

    Hello Spirity,

    This is a nice reading – the Clover and the Key in the future are very hopeful.

    In the Now row, I’m wondering if the Scythe and the Man might mean that a sudden termination with this man might bring out the Sun. So, maybe, he’ll just decide to drop the whole thing.

    Spirity, you shouldn’t apologize for the cards being about the same sort of thing! That is totally normal – if you are in tune with card reading, they are always going to reflect on your life. That’s why we read the cards!

    I think it’s cool – it shows how the cards reflect different things for different people.


  2. Phoenix Rising permalink
    July 11, 2008 6:02 pm

    Hi Spiritsong

    He definitely has been going through alot with this man and woman. I can understand him going through alot of stress lately. I wonder too if the cards can be read across in the top and bottom row, as well as diagonally. Things certainly look like it’s something at a distance.

    I don’t have much to add as far as your interpretation.

    I agree with Sammie don’t apologise for doing the same theme of questioning, this is your blog, you can say and do whatever you please. I enjoy reading the readings as it also teaches and shows some interesting points.


  3. lacontessa permalink
    July 11, 2008 10:25 pm

    Greetings Spiritsong!

    This does look promising.

    I wonder too if perhaps the gentleman is considering cutting his losses (scythe + mouse) where the woman (snake) is concerned – she is behind him and he is facing away from her. Perhaps he wants to “shed his skin” and end his deceptions? It looks as if he is hoping to escape the dark clouds and possibly have better luck in the future? I find it amusing that the two cards on the diagonal line with the man both have pictures of boats… The top row in particular makes me wonder if it’s about “what’s on his mind” since it’s above his head…

    I also concur that you should not apologize. It is quite generous that you share your experiences and knowledge so we can learn. It’s interesting to see common theme information too, because people tend to concern themselves with the same problems until they have resolution. So essentially you’re presenting your readings in a very realistic way. For the purpose of learning about interpreting the Lenormand, I think it’s a lot more practical than creating a textbook spread of cards to examine.

    Thanks for blogging!

  4. spiritsong permalink*
    July 12, 2008 5:59 pm

    Thanks everyone! I, like some of the others who blog, sometimes wonder about writing about personal issues…but by journaling the entries like this, I am really learning alot, and bonding more with the cards. If I didn’t write about them, I don’t think I’d have the same connection with them. It’s just hard, when you end up with a run of days or weeks, where everything seems particularly’a bit embarrassing, you know? but I know it’s got to get better, and the cards will reflect that too!

    Phoenix, I know that Madame Seaqueen will read other pairs in the spread, but I’ve never seen an example of reading the top line fully or the bottom line fully. The Trigger Row is the powerful synopsis of the entire reading, with the vertical rows filling in the blanks….

    Sammie, thanks for the encouragement! I hope you’re right, I hope that man just decides to drop the whole thing…there have been rumors that he was going to file a lawsuit against my husband just to complicate matters more! so I hope this is what he changes his mind about.

    Hi Contessa 🙂 I think you are probably right about this man probably wanting to distance himself from the “Snake woman”…he bit off alot more than he could chew! but I don’t think he will be able to extricate himself from her complicated dealings…he’s very guilty and the Feds are on their tail.
    You are also correct in reading the top cards as what is on one’s mind, as well. MS presents it that way, the top being thoughts, the middle being Trigger, and the bottom being the result. Sometimes I am able to stick to that, but I tend to end up blending’s what comes to me fluidly that I adopt 🙂

    I really appreciate all of your input on this blog, we learn and grow together!

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