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Yesterday’s Daily Draw- (9)Bouquet+(28)Man+(4)House extra card (18)Dog

July 12, 2008

I have been rushing around trying to get ready for my husband’s birthday, which is today! so I didn’t get a chance to come play 🙂 These were the cards that I drew yesterday, and I see 2 very on the mark interpretations for them, actually 3!

The first thought was that the they were describing a recovery/healing (Bouquet) with my domestic partner (Man+House+Dog) or just that he’d be happy…

The other way this could be read is that it is describing a nice time with a man we know….he just happens to be a real estate agent and good friend… so, could house and dog represent that? I know that in Sylvie’s book a family friend would be represented as Dog+House, but House+Dog makes total sense to me too.. I wasn’t aware of it until this morning, but he came over to meet with my husband today, and we haven’t seen him in probably 7 months! so this could be referring to him.

The 3rd possibility might be describing recovery/healing of the family, thanks to the friendship of a certain man…our friend and business partner. He called last night with very encouraging news that one of the deals would be manifest on Monday or Tuesday..that means money in the bank! which definitely means recovery to us! lol

So, all three feel valid to me… or maybe I’ll receive flowers from my husband! lol oh brother! more likely he’ll be bugging me to do some gardening/weeding 🙂  oh well….

update: I woke up this morning and immediately had an aha moment that dropped into my sleepy mind about this draw….really funny how that happens!
I am now certain that these cards were describing another event that happened later that day, and I totally missed it! I had a webcam visit with my adult son who’s in Idaho. When the camera finally clicked on, there he was, and so was his lovely girlfriend! I have never met her, and had only seen a picture or two. The Man+House+Dog was describing her!!
House/Dog = domestic partner…so this was literally describing the man’s domestic partner! it was literal and I simply missed it. The Bouquet was also describing her…happy, light, gracious, full of smiles and the love apparent.
It was really sweet to see them together…….it’s amazing to me that I would miss something so obvious, so busy looking for every nuance that I miss what was right in front of me!  practice practice practice…..
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  1. July 13, 2008 2:27 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    What a lovely manifestation of the cards! I think these cards have a deul meaning as I think they must also refer to your husband having a happy day on this birthday as well.

    Happy Birthday to Him!!!

    I’m so glad you got to have a Web Cam get together with your son.


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