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2 Daily Draws!

July 13, 2008

I drew a set of cards, and saw the cross and decided I didn’t want to go there! lol so I started all over again,…BUT…I kept thinking about the first set of cards and realised what it was about, and wasn’t about me personally.  Here’s the first set:

Luckily (for me), the Cross+House combination can be describing a temple, a synagogue, a church…some kind of religious or spiritual place. When you combine that with the Garden, it is literally spelling out a “Spiritual or Religious group”.  HA! so this is describing that group of people that surround the “false guru” that my husband has been fighting! The Snake card is a welcome card then, because it shows trouble within the group, or trouble makers (Garden+Snake) within the organisation. The snake promises difficulties, jealousies, or defamation…we have had an inkling that one of the members of that group would try defaming my husband, so that’s a possibility too.

The Snake, also refers to 7; the month of July (which we’re presently in), so something could be happening during this month, OR in the next 7 days.  Trust me, I will definitely update if I find out something!

Now to the other draw, which actually relates to the first:

The Mice +Ring combination gives me the meaning of fixing a situation, or a difficult resolution; and the Ring+Anchor combination means a long term agreement. So this looks as though there is finally an end in sight, where somehow, they come to an agreement that ends all of this…but it also hints to me that my husband will have to look at every little nuance in the agreement, looking for loopholes to make sure there isn’t any way this could continue! (Mice can refer to hidden problems).

So seeing these 2 sets of cards, I am convinced that something is about to break on this front, during this month of July……. these cards are SOOOO COOOL!!!!    LOL

Update: We have just heard from our lawyer on Fri.July 18th, that the judge has awarded judgement to my husband and found the cult fraud guilty!! so major snake trouble for them & victory for us!!! WOO HOO!!!
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  1. July 13, 2008 2:24 pm

    Hello Spirity,

    I hope so, too!

    I’m wondering if the second set of cards is saying something about the group around the fake guru. To me, the cards seem to indicate troubles and tribulations in a once stable relationship. It looks like the whole thing might be starting to fall apart.


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