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Daily Draw: (24)Heart+(30)Lily+(3)Ship extra card: (1)Horseman

July 14, 2008

I drew these cards this morning, with the best intentions of posting, but found myself anywhere but near the computer today! a rare occurrence! The featured deck is the Astro Lenormand, which has a very sweet energy to it.

There are 2 thoughts that came to me with this draw….one jumped at me immediately, (and is probably the right one) and the other came to me tonight.

The first idea was that I would be hearing from an old flame, someone I cared about in the past, who lives at a distance. I got the feeling that there would be news around or from this person. Kind of a strange thing to get, but it just jumped out at me! lol Heart +Lily can mean mature lover or life partner, or long term romance, but it just hit me as being an “old love” ….(?) or someone older than me with possibly gray hair (lol) that I care about, who lives far away (ship)….there is news around this person, or I will hear personally from this person. hmmmm…I can think of 2 people who fit that description!

The other thought I had about these cards, was a nice vacation..something restful…(Lily + Ship) that would be a bit of a romantic, loving trip (Heart); and the Horseman brings news of, or a new situation or new people with this trip!  That works! lol although I wouldn’t know how to act at this point. After being in a stressful mode for so long, it would feel kind of strange to relax…isn’t that awful??

update (July 17th): it has turned out to be the first.. I heard from someone who cared for me in the past, who lives overseas. It turns out that he is having heart surgery next week and wanted me to know. So these cards were right on. I’ll be sending some Reiki for the next week or so!
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