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Reading using Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout~

July 20, 2008

Now that my husband is safely on board a plane, on his way to his daughter for a few days, I thought I would share a reading that I did on July 15th (Tuesday). At the time, I wasn’t quite sure what I had, because it was so strange…but I noted down the different bits, and just shrugged my shoulders. Only 3 days later, it all became crystal clear that the reading was about my stepdaughter! I thought I’d share it so that you could see how descriptive the cards really can be, even if you don’t ‘get it’ right off the bat! The spread was created by Madame Seaqueen, and one that I like to use alot 🙂

So here we go:


       Past              Now       Immediately     Near Future

Trigger Row – (above)

Trigger Row: (this row gives you a general overview for what the reading is about)-

  • Fox+Woman+Coffin+Tower

I had originally thought that this was describing a deceitful, manipulative woman…..wrong!  It’s describing a working woman (Fox+Woman) who is a bit depressed, a bit down..doing a bit of negative thinking.. what about? literally where she works, the BANK (Tower)!

Past: Storks+Fox+Cross- my stepdaughter has just about completed an agreement she made to stay a few years at this branch of the bank…it was with the understanding that she would be able to leave in Oct. and get to pick what and where she wanted to go…it included a promotion as part of the deal…they have been not too subtly, trying to coerce her into staying put, which she refuses to do and she’s worried that the dream job promised, isn’t going to materialize. Storks+Fox =job promotion, or postive job change; and Cross shows that anguish as to whether it will happen.

Present: Key+Woman+Lily – I was initially having trouble piecing this part together, but I just had an ‘Aha’ moment! The Key can pertain to a very important event happening in your life. The Key teaches important lessons as well. If the Key were combined with the Woman card, it tells us that this female is spiritually/karmically connected to us…that she is a very important person in our lives…

I was having trouble trying to place what the Lily meant in this instance; at first I wondered if it was just describing her father? (my husband?) or if the trio was describing an important older woman in her life? (maybe this is describing me, as we are close, and I am helping her understand what’s going on…) somehow, that didn’t quite satisfy me! lol and then it HIT BIGTIME!

I re-read bits that Sylvie had written about the Lily in her book, The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, and it popped! The Lily card, also corresponds to the eyes/vision!! This is exactly what this spread is all about! My step-daughter was having a major, scarey event pertaining to her eyes and her vision! I just find this really amazing-

Immediate: Mice+Coffin+Whips- And here is the crux of it, and why I didn’t have a clue what I was looking at. The Mice shows the major stress and worry that she is under, and the Coffin+Whips combined, can have the meaning of mutilation, or self-destructive behaviors!

My step-daughter has a long history of sleepwalking (as do I)- and she’s done some funny things in the past. For both of us, it  seems to manifest when we’re under pressure, or extreme stress, or when we are stuffing down our anger and upsets to try to keep control. Unfortunately, when a sleepwalker does that, it comes out in very odd and different ways. It’s been discovered that in the last few days, in her sleep, she is scratching herself! Both of her eyes had scratches on the cornias, and after wearing her ski goggles to bed the other night, she discovered that she scratched her cheeks! (She’s now on all sorts of medication & drops to try to heal them)- I just never would have dreamt that the cards could be describing such a crazy situation…

Near Future: Child+Tower+Horseman- this should have clued me in, as it describes receiving news concerning a child…but I wouldn’t have guessed correctly about the Tower– it was telling us that we would receive news that she had to go to the hospital because of the injuries!

We have talked about how stress can manifest, and had in the past suggested that she learn more about meditation, and possibly Tai Chi…I think now, she’ll be more open to finding other ways to release the pressure valve….

Aren’t these cards just incredible????!!!!

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  1. Phoenix Rising permalink
    July 22, 2008 6:58 am

    Hi Lisa

    Yes the cards are fascinating, I always remember a psychic saying that the “cards never lie” Some draws are easy to interpret, but then there are those tricky ones, which make total sense after the event, and can fit the event to the cards. Some times the combinations go together, sometimes they need to be read individually. I’m just not at that point yet where I can instantly go “aha” That’s why I’m so looking forward to Sylvie doing a workshop, that’s if I can get enough people to do the course.


  2. July 27, 2008 3:04 pm

    Hello Spiritsong,

    I have linked your post to the “Seaqueen’s Simple Trigger Layout” page (tab under the Ask my Cards header).

    Your entry is a mighty fine example of this layout and your skills as a reader of the Lenormand cards.

    Thank you for this & the other posts using this layout.

    Happy blogging.
    Madame Seaqueen.

  3. spiritsong permalink*
    July 27, 2008 4:09 pm

    Hello Madame Seaqueen 🙂

    Thank you so much! your words are very much appreciated!
    I love the Trigger layout; it gives so much information.

    Thank you for the link as well…I’m honoured.

    Best Wishes,


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